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Yaron Schwarcz / CEO, Skyline Robotics

Yaron Schwarcz is a serial entrepreneur since the age of 21, Yaron Schwarcz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skyline Robotics, the first operating system for automation of lifts and cranes. Yaron is a recognized thought leader and advocate for the future of living in urban environments. He has chosen to work at the intersection of robotics and construction because he envisions a day where robotic solutions are the answer to global homelessness; ensuring everyone has direct access to desirable and affordable housing. Seeking to leverage technology for sustainable solutions, Yaron is also a consultant on open innovation and accelerating technologies, most notably for the Office of the Chief Scientist for the Israeli Ministry of Economy, World Economic Forum and the Yaron was chosen as the Bold Innovator for the Future of Housing Roadmap for He is a winner of the Ramon Breakthrough Competition, an accredited high school teacher and an alumnus of Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program. Yaron holda a B.S. in Psychology and Government from the IDC Herzlyia and a G.S.P. from Singularity University in Exponential Trends and Technologies.

Skyline Robotics
At Skyline Robotics we believe that people are more than robots, that’s why starting with window cleaning, we aim to automate all types of work at heights. By utilizing artificial Inteligence, machine learning and computer vision with advanced robotic control we are creating the first operating system for lifts and cranes. Skyline is an end to end, tech enabled window cleaning company servicing the North American market.

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