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Laura J. Patel / Director of Global Partnerships, DIRTT

Laura J. Patel is based out of New York City and covers North America, the Middle East and Europe in her role as Director of Global Partnerships with DIRTT Environmental Solutions. DIRTT, which stands for Doing It Right This Time, is a clean tech construction company specializing in videogame-based design, artificial intelligence, robotics and manufacturing. By combining 3D design software with off-site prefabrication, DIRTT allows clients to build more quickly, efficiently and sustainably than ever before. Laura and her team are responsible for more than 700 stakeholders, across 9 countries and 105 companies; generating nearly $400M in annual revenue. Last year, in the United States alone, construction and demolition waste accounted for nearly 532 million tons of entirely avoidable landfill contributions— That’s roughly twice the estimated weight of the entire populated island of Manhattan. By challenging the commonplace acceptance of today’s construction process, Ms. Patel, an international speaker and industry thought leader, advocates for shifting today’s sustainable construction paradigm away from a model riddled with 100-year-old technologies and the inherent waste produced in the process. A thought leader on AI, virtual reality and construction tech, Laura has spoken at more than a dozen exhibitions and conferences around the world, including The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions (Dalian, China), Thin Air Festival (Park City, UT), The Art, Science and Bottom Line of Innovative Designs Technologies (NYC, NY), and The Emerging Trends Summit (New York, NY).

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