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John Dean Markunas / Principal, Power of Chain Consultancy

John Dean Markunas is a real estate industry blockchain advisor and business development consultant. He is the Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Consultancy, a blockchain advisory firm. His current work focuses on four distinct sectors; property title insurance, the timeshare industry, commercial real estate fractionalization investment and crowdfunding with a special focus on   land registry systems, title recordation and land governance.

Mr. Markunas has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience including real estate development, brokerage, appraising, and title insurance focusing on the U.S. and Latin America markets. Outside of the U.S. he has lived and worked in Mexico and Brazil.

John is an enthusiastic, advocate and supporter of blockchain technologies. He is a member of FIBREE (Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise) and the founder and co-chair of FIBREE’s New York City Chapter.  

John is also an active member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) and is the Leader of GBA’s Land Titling Working Group. The Land Title Working group explores blockchain technologies to address land titling and land registry processes around the world.   The Group members identify and study real estate use-cases, pilot programs and other solutions deployed in a variety of countries with the goal of reaching out to government institutions on municipal, state and federal levels to 1) educate, 2) recommend and 3) consult and assist with the implementation of blockchain solutions in their respective jurisdictions.

Mr. Markunas has a BS degree in Business Administration from Florida State University. He also holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of San Francisco, CA.

He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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