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Perrin Quarshie / CEO, RealBlocks

Perrin is the Founder & CEO of RealBlocks, an online platform that leverages the blockchain infrastructure to democratize access to REITs and Alternative Investments by 1) lowering the required investment amount 2) globalizing access and 3) providing a mechanism for secondary trading. Perrin began his career as a civil engineer at NAC International, where he focused on real estate development and Merger and Acquisition activity within the energy sector. After 6 years at NAC, Perrin left to begin grad school at MIT, during which time he researched the implications of Blockchain Technology for real estate capital formation. While at MIT, Perrin worked at Barclays as an associate in Real Estate Investment Banking, where he conducted M&A and Capital Markets Transactions for various REIT sponsors such as Kimco, Brookfield and Ventas. From his investment banking experience, Perrin realized the tremendous value that tokenization could unlock for REIT and private equity investors and decided to start RealBlocks.

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