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Nishar Fatema / Associate Director - Global Client Engagement - Space Matrix

Nishar is a passionate global representative, architect, workplace design and business strategist, artist, and a philanthropist – She is part of the core-cell of Space Matrix global team based out of New York. She has work experience in five countries: Singapore, India, Germany, Iran and the USA, and has traveled to more than 49+ countries, 21 of those includes solo bag packing. Her career is backed by a proven track record in workplace design and business strategy. Nishar manages global client of North America for design and execution of the projects in APAC. Deep understanding of the workplace design & build is her key asset along with the deeper focus on employee engagement and experience.

In her past speaking engagements, she has covered the topics of

  • “Demystifying the Myths – Asia Pacific View” as a solo speaker
  • “Riddle that revolves – Employee engagement matters” as a solo speaker
  • “Future Workplace 2.0” Co-speaker
  • Moderated a panel under the topic “A path through intangible barriers”
  • “Future of Asian Cities” Co-speaker

Nishar is also an author of the research piece “Understanding of an ornamentation in Islamic architecture” and co-author to a book on vernacular housing of North India called “MATRA: The measure”.

Invited Speaker

CoreNet Global, NA – Anaheim, Orange County, California, 2019

CoreNet Global, EMEA – Amsterdam, 2019

Future Office Event, San Francisco, California, 2019

CoreNet Global, Boston, 2018

Future of Asian cities, India, 2011

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