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Mark Vange / CEO & Founder, Token IQ

Mark brings technology vision, international team management and extensive experience in cloud-based delivery of mobile and social products along with the experience of having built and sold several companies, to Token IQ. At the age of 10, Mark met and fell in love with the Apple II computer, putting aside a promising career as a violinist and diving headlong into business and technology. Mark sold his first program that year, had his first company by the age of 13 and entered university with 25 employees and the top-selling videogame of the year under his belt. Since then, Mark has built and sold several companies and has become a sought after adviser and mentor.  Mark sits at the confluence of technology and business having written over 100 patents and founding half a dozen businesses over his 35-year career.  Mark’s first big success was VR-1, a company he helped build into the world’s largest MMO publisher.  Mark served as Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts Interactive, which he joined through the acquisition of a company he co-founded, where he led the evolution of EA’s mobile, social and online products and platforms.

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