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ASDAiRE 2019 Recap

ASDAiRE 2019 Takeaway.

“Show me a job anywhere in the world today and I will show you a machine that can do it better.” – Yaron Schwarcz – CEO, Skyline Robotics. 

 This past Wednesday, February 13th we launched ASDAiRE. the 1st ever conference solely dedicated to the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics within the real estate industry. The event took place at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, New York and we some very fascinating conversations throughout the morning. Below is a recap of some of the main themes that emerge.

Robotics Panel takeaway:
The case for Robotics and automaton.
The robotics panel was very interested with views varying from robots will take over most jobs as espoused by Yaron Schwarcz the CEO of Skyline Robotics “Show me a job anywhere in the world today and I will show you a machine that can do it better.” 
Yaron from skyline says it inevitably and it makes sense. A new way to compensate people beyond work is needed. UBI comes to mind.
Robotics should not be feared.
John Gilbert takes the opposing view on the topic, work is important of who we are and being paid not to stay home is not viable solution. He believes. Robots will replace some aspects of your work. But as in any other industrial revolution we will need ways to keep people employed.
Yaron said show me a job today and I will show you a machine who can do it better.
Justin Palmer felt AI & Robots can be used to improve people’s lives a sentiment Laura Patel our moderator from DIRTT shared. Justin a developer wants to use robotics and ai to improve construction efficiency which will reduce costs of construction, there make housing affordable and improve living standards. Yaron on the other view robots as a way to eliminate jobs that either too dangerous or inefficiently done by humans.